Kim Sterling

Director of Human Resources

Kim Sterling, the Director of Human Resources at Trustwell, is a seasoned HR leader with over 15 years of experience specializing in HR system design, implementation, and optimization. With a proven track record in rapidly growing companies and start-ups, Kim excels in scaling departments and aligning the right talent for desired outcomes.

Her expertise encompasses a wide range of HR functions, from US 401k & benefits administration to international payroll and leave processing. Kim’s comprehensive knowledge and adaptability enable her to handle various HR challenges effectively. She is deeply passionate about creating lasting, positive impacts that align employees’ goals with company success.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication/Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, underscoring her dedication to understanding and enhancing the human aspect of organizations. With her wealth of experience and commitment to fostering a thriving workplace, Kim is an invaluable asset to Trustwell’s HR team.