CAVA Automates Supply Chain Management with FoodLogiQ

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CAVA isn’t just a restaurant concept; it’s a culture. The organization and its founders have a heart for philanthropy and investment in community education and opportunity. CAVA believes that food is a force for good.

What began in 2011 as a single fast-casual restaurant has morphed into the leading Mediterranean brand, with over 80 restaurants and growing. But it wasn’t easy. In CAVA’s early days, the organization managed its supply chain using manual processes, a task that became more and more difficult as the company grew at a fast pace.

Challenge: Building a More Efficient Process

When it came to tracking products and understanding exactly where and why quality issues existed, there was very little visibility and no single point of truth. Implementing product recalls and withdrawals was a laborious challenge.

CAVA knew there had to be a better way to manage their suppliers and documentation, be regulatory-compliant, have a clear picture of their supply chain activity, and protect their customers in the event of a food recall. The company addressed all of these pain points by investing in technology the FoodLogiQ software suite.

Solution: Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Cloud-based SaaS Software

  • CAVA took control of their supplier relations. With 150+ suppliers and 1,000+ documents to manage, the company streamlined all supplier information and documentation into one centralized database. By effectively managing their supplier relationships, they are transparent with their customers and deliver on their brand promise.
  • CAVA gained a holistic view of their supply chain. They now have the ability to see where their products are in real-time, and they can stitch together critical tracking events. Quality incidents are easy to manage using metrics that help CAVA save time and money and allow them to provide customers with an even higher quality product.
  • CAVA now has access to the data needed to take swift action if faced with a food recall or outbreak.  Consumer safety is CAVA’s number one priority, and they can now respond to food withdrawals and recalls with greater speed and accuracy, protecting the families who depend on them to deliver safe, healthy food.

“The fast pace of our growth was a key factor in our decision to streamline our supply chain management processes with automation early on in our business,” says Sarela Herrada, Director of Food and Beverage at CAVA Grill. “By partnering with FoodLogiQ, we now have greater visibility into our supply chain that enables us to make confident, intelligent decisions and to easily pivot based on quality data. It’s very empowering.”

To learn more about CAVA’s motivation for moving away from manual processes, watch the on-demand webinar on 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing Food Safety & Traceability Software.