Supply Chain Management Software for the Food Industry

Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ software suite provides a food supplier management software platform to help you align to brand and regulatory compliance.

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Enhance Your Traceability Capabilities With Food Industry Supply Chain Management Software

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Gain Control of Your Supply Chain

You need a supply chain management software designed exclusively for the food industry.

Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ software suite does exactly this — gives you control, visibility, and management of your supply chain from start to finish.

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How to Use FoodLogiQ

Simplify Supply Chain Management with a Single Software Suite

Your organization needs better control and visibility of your food industry supply chain.

Use Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ software suite to address food industry supply chain management and traceability challenges.

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About FoodLogiQ

Nearly 20 Years of Food Industry Supply Chain Management

Launched in 2006, FoodLogiQ is one of the food industry’s leading supply chain management software solutions.

In 2022, FoodLogiQ and ESHA — two industry-leading champions — joined together to form Trustwell, a comprehensive set of tools to meet the increasingly complex global food chain and regulatory challenges facing all modern food companies.

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