Streamline and Simplify Product Formulation

Formulate food and dietary supplement products virtually, analyze and compare nutrient content, and watch product labels update in near real-time with Trustwell’s Genesis product formulation software.

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Speed up Product Formulation, Without Having to Visit the Lab

Make modifications to formulas as needed and reduce the time and cost of outsourcing analytical testing for your products. Genesis Foods is backed by an industry-leading database of raw materials and ingredients, helping businesses speed up processes from conceptualization to creation for faster product launches.

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Tap Into a More Efficient R&D Process

Boost R&D Efficiency: Harness Innovation for Streamlined Research and Development

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Create a Streamlined Formulation Process with Genesis

For over 40 years, Trustwell’s Genesis products have assisted supplement and food companies in formulating products and developing FDA-compliant labels.

Formulate Like Never Before

Whether you’re reformulating existing products, comparing ingredient differences, or creating a new product from scratch, crafting recipes and formulations has never been simpler.

Add unique ingredients using your supplier spec sheets

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Search and find ingredients in our database for quick nutrient analysis

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Save versions, view an audit of changes, and protect past recipes from being lost

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Compare nutrient changes on labels when ingredients change

Check labeling and nutrient calculation accuracy with built-in compliance checks and alerts

Get ahead of future compliance changes with a system that updates before compliance deadlines arrive

“[When managing formulas in spreadsheets] it was difficult to make sure I was accurately calculating the conversions. Once we got Genesis, the software served as confirmation that the equations were calculating correctly. Having an upfront view of an accurate Supplement Facts panel is a huge benefit before launching new products.”

Access an Extensive Food and Ingredient Database

Take advantage of a meticulously researched database of raw materials, foods, chemicals, additives, and industry ingredients, from government and proprietary collections.

Our team has collected nutritional content since the 1980’s and set a standard across the industry for formulation and quality nutrient content analysis.