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“A robust traceability platform is critical to safe food. Because of our business model and decentralization, we work with many growers and distributors. We are the critical link between these stakeholders and our consumers, and it’s our job to protect the future of their food. Trustwell Connect allows us to do this in a fast, efficient manner, with full visibility into our supply chain.”

“We really enjoy working on projects with Trustwell; they have been equally as agile when our plans have to change, they are flexible, supportive, thoughtful, and responsive. A big part of what makes Whole Foods different is our quality standards and our quest to push the grocery industry forward. Trustwell helps us do that every day.”

“Using Trustwell’s Genesis Foods software has shaved hours and maybe even days off of the time it used to take me to calculate the nutritional data on a formulation and determine the appropriate claims I could make. Without Genesis Foods, I would need to spend valuable time searching the CFR, Internet, and other resources for the information on food labeling and claims.”

“We have been using the Trustwell Genesis Foods software since the early 90s, and I have been extremely happy with it. The layout is very user-friendly and the databases are comprehensive and, with the support program, always up-to-date. The few times that I have needed help, usually due to an error on our end, I have found their technical support folks to be responsive and very helpful. I would highly recommend this program.”

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“We switched over to Genesis Foods in 2014 because one of our clients requested it. They said that if we didn’t use Genesis, we’d have to prove our nutritional claims through a third-party lab, so we just made the switch. As soon as we switched, everything was so much easier; everything just works and it’s easy to figure out.” 

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