The Genesis Foods Advantage: Streamlining Nutrition Analysis for the Restaurant Industry

When one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, known for its nearly 2,000 dining establishments globally, recognized the need to move nutrition analysis in-house, their Manager of Nutrition and Allergens turned to Genesis Foods. The result? Genesis Foods proved to be a game-changer in improving the recipe formulation process and revolutionizing the way that nutritional analysis is conducted for this customer’s specialty restaurant group responsible for approximately $10.5B in annual global revenue. The group’s several popular fullservice restaurant brands often need seasonal recipe changes and modifications across site location. Conducting in-house nutritional analysis using Genesis Foods allowed the group to find success with a streamlined, cost-effective solution. 

steakhouse recipe and nutrition analysis

Trustwell Customer Brings Nutrition Analysis In-House 

Before Genesis, this large, nearly 2,500-location international hospitality group outsourced its nutrition analysis, but the need for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness led them to bring the process in-house. The successful transition was spearheaded by a key team member with extensive experience in utilizing Genesis for nutritional analysis and ideation processes. After over a decade, the team at this restaurant group worth $10.5 billion in annual revenue continues to depend on Genesis for handling nutritional analysis and ideation for menu items. 

Precise Calculations and Accurate Nutrient Reporting 

With an in-house team responsible for nutrition analysis, Genesis Foods has become the heart of this restaurant group’s menu research and development operations. The software’s precise calculations for cooking and fat loss have reduced the need for chemical analysis and helps prevent overreporting fat content for recipes. Talking about this feature in Genesis, one of the users on the team highlighted the value of being able to see the nutritional impact of recipe adjustments in Genesis right away, rather than needing to send out for lab chemical analysis multiple times in the recipe development process.  

This accuracy has become essential in creating calorie-conscious menu items and competing effectively in the restaurant industry, a notoriously difficult feat. For this customer’s Nutrition team, the ability to calculate fat and water loss in Genesis has saved them from needing to send recipes out for lab analysis multiple times during the recipe development process. In the restaurant industry, accurate nutrient reporting is incredibly important for customer satisfaction and trust, so this team has been thrilled with the advanced calculations available in Genesis. 

Genesis: An Indispensable Tool for Managing Nutrition and Allergen Information 

For this 2,500-location restaurant group, the Genesis Foods software has become an indispensable tool in managing nutrition and allergen information for their extensive restaurant brands and showcases the immense value Genesis Foods software brings to the restaurant industry. By enabling accurate and efficient nutrition analysis, seamless integration with existing systems, and customization options, Genesis empowers nutrition professionals like the team at this restaurant group to drive menu innovation, ensure compliance, and deliver enhanced transparency to customers. With its comprehensive features and capabilities, Genesis enables restaurants to streamline recipe management and ensure compliance with nutritional targets and allergen information, making it a pivotal solution in the restaurant industry’s competitive landscape.