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Address Food Safety Needs Head-on with Compliant, Trustworthy Solutions

With food safety issues and regulations on the rise and consumers demanding more transparency from food brands, food manufacturers are facing increased pressure from all sides. Trustwell is here to help, with a suite of compliant, streamlined, and safety-focused food solutions. 

Improve product transparency with compliant, accurate food labels

Swiftly and easily turn your food formulas and recipes into compliant, ready-to-use Nutrition Facts labels with Genesis Foods. Access additional tools and alerts to help your company stay compliant with government labeling regulations. 

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Keep pace with supplier compliance and easily identify problems along your supply chain

Identify problem suppliers, expired certifications, or missing paperwork through audit and compliance records across internal, 2nd party, and 3rd party bodies with FoodLogiQ Compliance. Help keep suppliers aligned with a single source of truth for all supplier communications.

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Prepare for FSMA 204 compliance and track products from origin to consumer

Get ahead of FSMA 204 compliance with FoodLogiQ Traceability. Access both whole-chain or one-up, one-down traceability when you need it, all in one location. Track packages at the batch-lot level, capture essential data for compliance, and make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Monitor quality, track incidents, and stay ahead of potential supply chain issues

Communicate quality standards, review documentation, and manage, track, and respond to incidents along your supply chain with FoodLogiQ Quality Management. Enable your business to quickly respond to incidents, identify root causes, and take corrective actions to prevent future issues.

Streamline recall processes, cut response times in half, and access real-time data

FoodLogiQ Recall lets you revolutionize your recall management process. With built-in response templates, customizable escalations, and a single dashboard that updates in real-time across business locations, you can reduce the time it takes to respond to recalls and minimize consumer impacts.

“At Conagra, we are continuously looking for the most innovative solutions to modernize food safety practices throughout our operations. FoodLogiQ’s quality management system will help us operate our supply chain more efficiently and effectively to deliver safe and high-quality products.”

“Using Genesis Foods has shaved hours and maybe even days off of the time it used to take me to calculate the nutritional data on a formulation and determine the appropriate claims I could make. Without Genesis, I would need to spend valuable time searching regulations, online, and other resources for information on food labeling and claims.”

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Genesis Foods

Recipe Formulation, Nutrition Analysis, and Compliant Labeling

Access an all-in-one solution for recipe formulation, nutrition analysis, and food labeling compliance with Genesis Foods. With built-in alerts for allergen declarations, government-compliant nutrient calculations and rounding rules, and auto-generated Nutrition Facts labels, companies can streamline their entire R&D process for faster product launches and fortify their labeling compliance. Genesis Foods can also be configured for Canada, Mexico, and European Union food labeling regulations.

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FoodLogiQ Compliance

Supply Chain Management and Compliance

Monitor your supply chain, stay on top of regulatory changes, and streamline supplier documentation with FoodLogiQ Compliance. The Compliance dashboard offers a single source of truth for supplier documentation, with templates and workflows to help you implement correct actions, streamline new supplier onboarding, support verification, and centralize your recordkeeping all in one place.

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FoodLogiQ Traceability

Food Product Traceability and FSMA 204 Compliance

Access true, whole-chain traceability with FoodLogiQ Traceability. Whether you pack, ship, or transform foods on the Food Traceability List, or need one-up, one-down access to your supply chain, FoodLogiQ has you covered. Get greater visibility, track items at the batch-lot level, capture required data for FSMA 204 compliance, and make data-driven decisions with essential information for all stakeholders along your supply chain.

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Manage Product Quality Even After Its Left Your Doors

FoodLogiQ Quality Management

Quality and Incident Management

Better manage the quality of your products along your supply chain and reduce the time it takes to capture and manage incident responses with FoodLogiQ Quality Management. Access an instant snapshot of your supply chain in real time and review expired documentation, audit results, action items, and quality incidents to identify trends and make data-informed decisions with confidence.

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FoodLogiQ Recall

Expedited Recall Management

Don’t let product recalls catch you off guard. With FoodLogiQ Recall, companies can reduce their time to respond to withdrawals in half. Plus, access a wealth of resources to prepare your team with mock recalls, notify partners with customized communication and escalations, identify products at the batch-lot level, and watch it all happen in real-time on a single dashboard. Protect your consumers and your brand with a streamlined, singular recall solution.

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From reviewing product labels to helping your business prepare for FSMA 204, our team of trusted regulatory experts are here to help your business succeed. Schedule a consult or join one of our regulatory seminars to boost your team’s compliance capabilities.

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