Introducing Genesis Foods with AI-Driven AskReg Regulatory Assistant

Welcome to Trustwell’s AskReg, your advanced assistant for navigating the complexities of regulations in nutritional labeling, food safety, and manufacturing best practices. With AI-enabled capabilities, AskReg simplifies understanding and compliance, ensuring your business stays ahead of regulatory changes.


Effortless Regulatory Navigation with AskReg

Trustwell’s AskReg (Reggie) is designed to simplify the search for and understanding of relevant regulations. Whether it’s nutritional labeling or food safety requirements, AskReg is here to assist.

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Simplify the Complexity of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory documents are dense and complex. Despite being publicly available, the cross-referenced information and legal language make it challenging to understand and get straightforward answers.

  • User-Friendly Searches: Easily find regulatory information with simple, intuitive queries.
  • Verified References: Provides direct links to regulatory documents for easy verification.
  • Global Coverage: Access regulations from the US, Canada, Mexico, EU, Australia, and New Zealand.

Time Savings

Reduce the time spent searching for relevant regulations with precise answers and direct links to documents.

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Trustworthy Results

Receive fast, accurate responses along with references to original regulatory documents.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimize the risk of misinterpretation by accessing the latest regulatory standards.

Improved Efficiency

Focus on more strategic tasks by streamlining the process of finding and understanding regulations.

Reduced Compliance Costs

Save on costs associated with manual research and compliance efforts.

Global Coverage

Get detailed insights into regulations from multiple regions, offering a one-stop solution for global compliance needs.

Coverage by Region

AskReg provides comprehensive regulatory insights across multiple regions, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. This extensive coverage ensures that your business can effortlessly navigate and comply with diverse regulatory standards, reducing compliance risks and streamlining your operations globally.

Maximize Efficiency and Empower Your Team with Comprehensive Regulatory Insights

With Genesis Foods and AskReg, you can ensure accurate ingredient labeling, effortlessly meet nutritional labeling standards, and adapt product formulations to comply with local regulations. Validate health and nutrient claims to avoid regulatory issues and stay updated with fast responses to regulatory changes. Gain insights into global regulatory landscapes to facilitate expansion and streamline the approval process for new products.

Get your products to market faster, with streamlined labeling and compliance review

Create new product formulas, easily reformulate products, and generate regulatory-compliant product labels with a streamlined solution that sets your product launches into overdrive.


Reduce liability, improve transparency, and avoid costly recalls

Leverage allergen review alerts, built-in calculations, and other compliance tools to help you minimize errors or omissions and improve ingredient transparency with your customers.


Comply with record-keeping requirements and set your team up for success

Monitor changes with built-in versioning, store and manage critical documents required for audits, and provide clear record of changes to a product formulation over time.

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