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Comply with regulations and get your product to market faster with Genesis Supplements.

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Formulate and Label Dietary Supplements with Ease

Harness tools to streamline everything from conceptualization to manufacturing to data management. And when your product is ready for the shelf, simplify dietary supplement labeling creation with built-in compliance guardrails.
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Easily Manage Supplement Formulas and Create Compliant Labels, With an All-in-One Solution

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Create a Variety of Label Formats that Match Formula Ingredients and Maintain Government Regulations

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Consolidate Ingredient and Formulation Management

Store all your ingredients and formulas in one simple platform. Track and manage ingredient specifications, suppliers, allergens, and other relevant information.

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Generate Accurate Dietary Supplement Facts Labels

Create compliant supplement labels by automatically calculating and displaying the appropriate nutrient content and other required information as you add ingredients to your formulation.

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Produce Reports for Compliance

Generate comprehensive nutrition reports and documentation required for regulatory compliance, quality control, and product development.

Dietary Supplement Labeling has Never Been Easier

Access tools that streamline label creation and formulation workflows in a single system. Avoid spending hours researching and verifying.

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Create FDA-compliant Supplement Facts labels

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Modify formulas and re-calculate nutrition analysis in real-time

Manage ingredients and formulations in one place

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Automatically generate and customize ingredient statements

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Track and report allergens and chemical impurities

Generate comprehensive reports and documentation

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“I needed the labels to be done right, right out the gate. Genesis Supplements did that for me, while saving me time. I like that I can put in all the data and the program does the math for me and generates a compliant label.”

Meet Customer and Regulatory Expectations in a Single Solution

Streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and ensure accuracy while delivering high-quality supplements that meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

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Supplement Packaging 101

The FDA, through the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA), governs the rules regarding nutrient names, nutrient order, and what elements can be listed on a Supplement Facts label. Watch our Supplement Packaging 101 webinar to learn the basics of dietary supplement labeling and packaging requirements.

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