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Trustwell Connect offers a suite of compliant, transformative solutions, that will take you from recipes to recalls.

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Image of a laptop showing the Genesis Foods labeling and formulation software as someone compares a label on the screen and the label on a spice product.

Revolutionize Your Food or Supplement Business from the Ground Up

Introducing Trustwell Connect, a powerful, agile platform of compliant and transparent products focused on the unique needs of the food and dietary supplement industries.

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Explore Trustwell’s Safety and Compliance Platform

Trustwell Connect was built for the unique needs of the food and supplement industries by experts who know the industry inside and out.

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Connect the Dots with Trustwell Products

Never look at your business processes the same way again. With the Trustwell Connect suite, you can access tools that cover the entire spectrum from product recipe and label creation to supplier relations to recall management, and help you meet regulatory compliance at every step of the way.

“Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ products jumped out at us as not only providing services for some of our customers, but the product itself is really clean, easy to use, and very customizable.”

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“Genesis Foods has allowed Nett Nutrition to provide our clients with confidence in our resources and credible information. The support staff has been extremely professional, and they provide personalized service and never leave a question unanswered.”

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Connect the Dots with Trustwell

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