Raymond Hadley Corporation: Achieving Excellence with Trustwell’s Genesis Foods

woman in glasses, a labcoat, gloves, and a hairnet smiling as she holds a clipboard in a sterile manufacturing setting

A History of Excellence

Raymond Hadley Corp., founded in 1892 by Arthur B. Raymond and Francis E. Hadley, has a long history in the food industry. Initially, they gained recognition for selling flour and cornmeal throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and North Africa​​. Today, the company operates from its headquarters in Spencer, New York, and specializes in the development, blending, and packaging of specialty dry food products with a commitment to maintaining high standards in food safety and quality. Their unique combination of historical expertise, modern compliance standards, and diverse service offerings positions them as a key player in the sector, especially in the niche of specialty dry food products.

Innovating Food Manufacturing through Advanced Technology

Raymond Hadley Corporation, a leader in the specialty dry foods manufacturing sector, has greatly benefited from integrating Trustwell’s Genesis Foods into their processes. This collaboration showcases the powerful capabilities of Genesis Foods in enhancing operational efficiency and precision in the food manufacturing industry.

Streamlined Nutritional Panel Generation and Recipe Management

Stephen Mockler, the Compliance Technician at Raymond Hadley Corporation, emphasizes the significance of Genesis Foods in their operations. “I’m in Genesis 10 hours a day,” Mockler says, highlighting the platform’s integral role in generating nutritional panels and managing a vast collection of recipes. This ease of use in managing nutritional data has been pivotal for the company in maintaining compliance and quality standards.

Efficient Ingredient Input and Recipe Formulation

Genesis Foods excels in ingredient input and recipe management, a feature that Raymond-Hadley Corp values because it supports their high standards for food quality. “Ingredient input to a recipe,” he notes, “is a process that Genesis Foods has made seamless,” thereby supporting Raymond Hadley Corporation’s innovative and efficient approach to product development and labeling compliance.

A Vital Resource for Research and Development

Beyond compliance, Genesis Foods serves as an essential tool for Raymond Hadley’s R&D department. Mockler’s extensive daily engagement with the platform for nutritional analysis of recipes supports the company’s commitment to developing new and innovative food products with relatively short lead times.

Harnessing the Comprehensive USDA Nutrition Database

The decision to use Genesis Foods was influenced significantly by its comprehensive USDA Nutrition database. The extensive database provides Raymond Hadley Corporation with essential nutritional information for nearly every ingredient one could think of, crucial for accurate product labeling and adherence to regulatory standards. In ideal circumstances, when all of the ingredients in a recipe can be found in the database, Stephen affirms that generating an accurate Nutrition Facts panel “could take as little as 10 minutes.” However, this speed is not just a testament to the system’s efficiency, but also to the extensive industry knowledge and meticulous quality control processes at Raymond Hadley. More often, the creation of these panels involves a detailed cross-referencing of ingredients with the database, drawing upon Stephen’s deep expertise. By leveraging the extensive database and capabilities of the Genesis Foods tool, Raymond Hadley Corp. has been able to elevate the services they offer and streamline operations, underscoring their position as leaders in the specialty dry food products industry.

Conclusion: A Technological Catalyst in Food Manufacturing

Genesis Foods has been a transformative tool for Raymond Hadley Corporation, demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the food manufacturing sector. Its strengths in nutritional data management, recipe formulation, and regulatory compliance have streamlined operations at Raymond Hadley, setting the stage for ongoing innovation and success in the industry.