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Streamline restaurant traceability, menu labeling, and quality control with Trustwell Connect, a comprehensive suite of food safety solutions.

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Seamlessly manage your suppliers & drive quality assurance

Elevate your Restaurant Operations with Industry-Leading Solutions

Trustwell solutions empower restaurant operators to enhance traceability throughout their supply chain, reduce the risks and time associated with costly recalls, and help you to achieve FDA-compliant menu labeling across locations. With Trustwell Connect, you can safeguard your customers’ trust and protect your brand reputation.

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Maintain Regulatory Compliance and Ensure Your Quality Standards Are Met with Trustwell

Our comprehensive software suite helps you align with FDA labeling compliance for your menus, easily trace your products from farm-to-fork, and swiftly respond to potential quality issues or recalls in half the time.

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Create Accurate Nutritional Analysis and Label Your Menus with Confidence

Trustwell’s Genesis Foods offers best-in-class nutritional analysis for a simplified way to analyze menus and create labels that meet the FDA’s menu labeling compliance requirements.

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Streamline Your Supplier Management, Onboarding, and Communication

Manage and organize your supplier documentation and compliance in one place with Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Compliance. Be prepared in case of an audit or pivot on a dime if supply chain disruptions arise.

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Automate Your Dedication to Quality Assurance and Reduce Quality Issue Headaches

Your supply chain SaaS partner should have standards as high as you do. With Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Quality Management, you can capture food quality issues anywhere in your supply chain, report them in real-time and recoup the costs of nonconforming products.

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Secure Your Future with End-to-End Traceability, the Key to Supply Chain Transparency

With Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Traceability, monitor, share, and capture critical event data at the batch-lot level for FSMA 204 compliance and visualize your entire supply chain from source to consumer.

Conduct Withdrawals in Half the Time and Safeguard Your Restaurant’s Reputation

In an era that prioritizes smarter food safety, Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Recall solution empowers leading restaurant operators to execute product withdrawals and recalls seamlessly across all of their locations simultaneously – and track resolution in real-time.

Featured Customer Story

How CAVA Invested in Automated Supply Chain Management with Trustwell

CAVA, the leading Mediterranean brand, faced supply chain challenges as they grew rapidly. However, by investing in Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ suite they gained control over supplier relations, achieved a holistic view of their supply chain, and enhanced their ability to respond swiftly to food recalls. This investment empowered CAVA with greater visibility, enabling confident decision-making and ensuring the delivery of safe, high-quality food to their customers.

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