Food Formulation and Nutrition Labeling Software

Formulate foods, analyze nutrients, and create government-compliant labels with a streamlined, all-in-one solution: Genesis Foods.

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Revolutionize Your R&D Processes with Genesis Foods

Access powerful tools for all facets of food product development, from recipe creation and conceptualization to labeling, analysis, and regulatory compliance.

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Faster Formulation, Built-in Compliance, and Automated Labeling

In a matter of a few steps, you can accelerate new product launches, simplify formula changes, and shave hours of time off your R&D and compliance review process.

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Input ingredients

by adding your own or using our database of over 90,000 raw ingredients, whole foods, and proprietary and government-provided ingredients.

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Adjust yields and ingredient amounts

and see automated nutrient calculations populate based on regulatory requirements.

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Develop a label

with a click, and set serving sizes, customize footnotes, nutrient content claims, and generate ingredient and allergen statements as needed.

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Choose customizations

based on your products’ needs, including allowable formats for smaller packaging and labels based on Mexico, Canada, or European Union food labeling regulations.

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Track formula changes

and different versions with audit tracking, save and re-use your favorite formulas, and monitor and manage all your recipes in one place.

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Run custom nutrient reports

to analyze formulas and recipes, track costs and yields, and recalculate nutrient amounts based on yield changes.

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Explore Your Options with a Custom Demo

See Genesis Foods in action and learn how it can be customized to meet your business’ unique needs.

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Boost Your Team’s Performance with Training and Consulting Services

Improve individual and team performance with our training courses taught by industry experts. Trainings includes hands-on exercises and personalized, one-on-one assistance.

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Start with a Recipe and End with a Label, Plus Everything in Between

Customize labels, access regulatory tools, integrate with other systems, and streamline workflows with a powerful tool built on over 30 years of nutrition analysis and regulatory experience.

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Eliminate the time and cost of analytical testing

Perform fast, accurate nutrition analysis by using our database of over 90,000 ingredients to determine the nutrient content of your products quickly and accurately.

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Automate label creation and align with multiple government regulations

Enter ingredients, save recipes, and generate labels with a click that align with U.S., Mexico, Canada, and European Union food labeling regulations and government nutrient calculations.

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Calculate nutrients, assess content claims, and customize product labels

With built-in calculations based on government regulations for nutrient rounding rules, RACC, and more, you can easily adjust ingredients and review nutrient claims as the label updates. Add customizations like footnotes, front-of-package symbols, and more.

Access menu labeling assistance and nutrient profiles

For restaurants required by the FDA to display nutrient content claims, Genesis Foods can perform accurate nutrient analysis and offers tools to compliantly display nutrient content claims for your business.

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Access a wealth of regulatory information with AskReg

Save time with AskReg: This AI-powered regulatory management tool is your go-to for instant answers on compliance questions. Linked to global food regulation sites, it provides instant answers to compliance questions, ranging from nutritional labeling regulations to food safety requirements, such as serving size determination, guidelines for Nutrient Content Claims, traceability mandates, and so much more. Stay informed and compliant without the hassle.

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Safeguard records and integrate across business systems

Export and import database files, create access rights to database records, and identify access to verified users across various stations.

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“Genesis is awesome. I am very happy with it so far and have already used it for several applications. It is user-friendly, and this software will pay for itself within a couple of uses. I cannot believe all the detail that this program offers.”

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Automate Recipe and Ingredient Data Changes with Genesis Foods API

Integrate your existing program interfaces with our API system for automated, unattended import and expert capabilities. Genesis Foods API distributes your final product data – including nutrient analysis, labels, and allergen statements – from Genesis Foods to your website, POS system, internal and external reporting systems, ERP software, and more. The API can also pull existing data into Genesis Foods, allowing you to automatically create ingredient and recipe records and eliminating time spent on manual entry.

How Wegmans Streamlined Nutrition Analysis and Label Creation

When Wegmans was looking to add accurate nutrition information to their deli and prepared foods labels, they turned to Genesis Foods.

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