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Fresh produce deserves a fresh perspective on supply chain traceability and sustainability

Connect Your Supply Chain with Compliant Solutions by Trustwell

Learn how the FoodLogiQ product suite by Trustwell can revolutionize your business, align your supply chain partners, and help you maintain compliance with FSMA 204 enhanced traceability recordkeeping requirements.

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Demand is growing for true farm-to-fork food, and growers are facing a more proactive and aggressive FDA. With the introduction of the final rule for the Food Safety Modernization Act, Section 204 (FSMA 204), farms have until 2026 to establish recordkeeping compliance and traceability plans. The FoodLogiQ suite is uniquely designed to help.

Unlock a more transparent supply chain

From source to consumer, FoodLogiQ Traceability offers a robust solution for tracking products across your entire supply chain. Capture event data, meet FSMA 204 compliance, and access both one-up, one-down and whole-chain visibility. 

Align with industry standards and proactively prepare for audits

Access a centralized repository for all traceability data, including Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) required for FSMA 204 compliance, and leverage industry-recognized best practices for GS1 Standards for a more organized, aligned audit process. 

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Streamline compliance across your distribution system

With FoodLogiQ Compliance, food businesses can streamline documentation compliance and improve communication across partners with built-in alerts, verification and audit tracking, and a centralized dashboard to locate and organize all distribution communications. 

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Monitor quality and respond to incidents

FoodLogiQ Quality Management offers a single dashboard to track, capture, record, and report incidents at the batch-lot level, for easier quality control and real-time reporting for swifter resolution.

Rapidly respond to recalls and cut withdrawal response time in half

Revolutionize how your business addresses and prepares for recalls with FoodLogiQ Recall. With a single dashboard you can launch recalls, auto-escalate notifications, monitor withdrawals across locations, and respond rapidly to supply chain partners. Plus access tools to prepare your team with mock recalls.

From Farm-to-Fork – and Everywhere in Between – Trustwell Can Help

See exactly where products are on your supply chain, identify down to the batch-lot level, and improve compliance across your organization, with audit-ready recordkeeping, government guardrails, and simplified compliance documentation in the cloud.

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“We continue to use every tool we can. We are constantly improving traceability methods, and food safety remains our top focus. Food safety and the quality of produce are probably number one on everyone’s list these days. Our consumers have to have confidence in what we grow. We take that very seriously.”

Industry Report

How is the Industry Preparing for the Future of Food Traceability?

There are many factors impacting the advancements of traceability across the global food supply chain. In our 2023 State of Traceability report, Trustwell investigates the regulatory milestones, as well as the perspectives of industry leaders, to determine how the industry will adapt.

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