How Wegmans Foods Markets Streamlined Nutrition Information with Genesis Foods

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Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets is a full-service supermarket chain headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., with 92 locations on the East Coast. Their “Healthier, Better Lives through Food” mission drives their commitment to deliver fresh ingredients and delicious, healthy meals to their customers while inspiring customers and employees alike to adopt healthy living practices.

When Wegmans was looking for a way to easily add accurate nutrition information to their scale labels, they turned to a familiar family of nutrition analysis solutions – Genesis Foods Product Development and Labeling Software. Armed with the Genesis API, Wegmans was able to streamline their process and offer customers the data they requested.


Wegmans started using the Genesis R&D program in 1988 to display nutrition information in marketing brochures for their Pizza and Wokery food items. As Wegmans evolved, so did their nutrition analysis requirements. “We continued using Genesis because the features grew along with our needs,” said Jane Andrews, Nutrition and Labeling Manager at Wegmans Food Markets.

The Challenge: Syncing nutrition data across all systems

When Wegmans customers started requesting Nutrition Facts on their deli and other scaled items, management had to come up with a solution that was easy for employees to implement and that satisfied the customers’ needs. “We did workarounds, like directing the customers to online and in-store charts, which, unfortunately, were outdated in some of the stores,” Andrews said. With this system, there was no oversight for accuracy and the time cost was too great, so the Wegmans nutrition team set out to find something superior. Faced with this challenge, Andrews again turned to the Genesis family of software solutions.

The Solution: Genesis Foods and the Genesis API

Wegmans needed a way to streamline the transfer of nutritional data from Genesis to Wegmans’ other systems, which would then simultaneously populate both their scale labels and the product catalog on To resolve this, Genesis product consultants suggested the Genesis API or the Nutrition Database API. After reviewing both solutions, Wegmans went with the Genesis API. The Genesis API is a workflow utility that enables users to call the formula, analysis, and label data from Genesis and send the information to external and internal interfaces such as web pages, point-of-sales systems, and inventory management systems.

“We liked that we could map our Recipes in Genesis to multiple Wegmans Product IDs with the Genesis API”, said Lou Gotti, System Administrator at Wegmans Food Markets. “In addition, unlike other third-party applications, the look and feel of the Genesis program is clean and intuitive.”

The Results: One Version of the Truth

The Genesis API now enables Wegmans to share data with multiple users and export the data to
other systems. By implementing this solution, Wegmans has increased the accuracy of their nutritional analysis, eased their workflow, and saved time.

“One source of data flow for our nutritional and allergen information (from Genesis to our scales and website) has been great. It’s comforting to rely on a system and company that understands regulations and meets USDA guidelines. But the single greatest outcome of this project is the time we have saved from having to re-enter data by hand, over and over again.