Salad and Go + Trustwell: A Foundation for Success

Salad and Go believes that good eating shouldn’t be complicated and Trustwell agrees. The Salad and Go mission is to make fresh, nutritious food convenient and affordable for all.

As this restaurant chain was growing its national presence, they knew they needed to implement supplier traceability standards to support their operations. Hear how their team took a focused approach to standardized identification, product labeling and traceability to keep their growing supply chain fresh, fast and efficient.

Introduction: Salad and Go + Trustwell

Salad and Go is revolutionizing the fast food industry with its unique drive-thru salad concept. As a rapidly growing, vertically integrated company, Salad and Go oversees its entire supply chain, food manufacturing, and restaurant operations. This case study explores how Salad and Go has leveraged Trustwell’s solutions to enhance its food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) functions, driving operational efficiency and supporting its mission to provide fresh, healthy food for all.

The Challenge

Salad and Go faced several challenges as it scaled its operations, including the need for greater visibility into its supply chain, enhanced traceability, and improved regulatory compliance. These issues were critical to maintaining high food safety standards across its expanding network of stores. Salad and Go recognized the need for a robust technology solution to address these challenges.

The Solution

Having been familiar with Trustwell and FoodLogiQ’s tools for many years, a key player on the FSQA team at Salad and Go knew these platforms could provide the comprehensive visibility and control necessary for Salad and Go’s growth. He quickly championed the implementation of Trustwell’s solutions, including full supply chain solutions across FoodLogiQ and the new Genesis Foods, driven by the need for:

  1. Enhanced Traceability: Ensuring complete visibility from supply chain to distribution.
  2. Supplier Management: Maintaining an approved list of suppliers to ensure quality and compliance.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Preparing for and adhering to FSMA and other regulatory requirements.


Salad and Go swiftly moved to integrate Trustwell’s solutions across its operations. The implementation included rolling out a food quality reporting system to all stores, allowing for real-time insights and proactive management of food quality issues. Key modules from Trustwell and FoodLogiQ were deployed to provide comprehensive oversight of the supply chain, food manufacturing processes, and distribution channels.


The integration of Trustwell’s tools brought immediate and significant benefits to Salad and Go:

  1. Improved Supply Chain Visibility: Enhanced traceability and transparency across the supply chain, enabling quick identification and resolution of potential issues.
  2. Proactive Quality Management: Real-time reporting tools allowed for immediate action on food quality concerns, reducing instances of quality issues and improving overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Regulatory Preparedness: Trustwell’s solutions ensured compliance with FSMA and other regulations, positioning Salad and Go for successful audits and inspections.
  4. Cross-Organizational Value: The benefits of Trustwell’s technology extended beyond the FSQA team, providing value to various departments within Salad and Go. This holistic approach fostered a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.


For Salad and Go, partnering with Trustwell was a strategic decision that supported its rapid growth and commitment to food safety and quality. The implementation of Trustwell’s solutions has enabled Salad and Go to maintain high standards across its vertically integrated operations, ensuring that it can continue to provide fresh, healthy, and affordable salads to its customers.

In its rapid growth mode, Salad and Go understands the importance of leveraging advanced technology to meet the complex demands of the modern food service industry. As Salad and Go continues to expand, Trustwell’s tools will remain integral to its FSQA strategy, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence.