Old Soul’s Farms Improves Supply Chain Visibility with FoodLogiQ Traceability

Ethan Snyder of Old Soul’s Farms grows microgreens, specialty greens, and herbs, as well as a variety of lettuces in a custom-built, state-of-the-art greenhouse in Saint Paris, Ohio. He starts the plants from seed, and upon maturation, Snyder’s team packages the finished product for distribution to several suppliers. As a relatively new company, Snyder is filling a niche market in a unique way. But the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Olds Souls Farms logo

“We initially began our investigation into a software solution when we found out about our upcoming Primus audit,” says Snyder. “We knew we needed more detailed records to satisfy FSMA requirements, so we decided to go all out and set ourselves up for success as we continue to grow. We made a commitment to food safety and traceability when we chose Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Traceability.”

Using GS1-128 labeling, Snyder’s team scans the barcode on the produce boxes in the field, which begins the process of stitching together the critical tracking events of their products and ingredients at the batch-lot level. This information is housed within FoodLogiQ Traceability, providing a real-time visualization of Snyder’s supply chain.

“Being able to see the data and have a big-picture view of what’s taking place with our product is comforting and empowering at the same time,” Snyder explains. “That traceability data, combined with comprehensive food safety documentation, gives me a level of confidence, as we prepare for this first major audit, that we’ll be successful.”