Achieving Compliance and Scaling Up: How Genesis Supplements Helped The Farm Life with FDA-Compliant Labels

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The Farm Life

The Farm Life was founded in 2012 by Ashley Grosch. Today, The Farm Life offers a line of wellness products that include herbal supplements, natural remedies, and skincare, sold via its website, through Amazon, and at The Farm Life General Store. After serving in the Navy, Grosch went to school for regenerative agriculture and functional medicine. She merged her passions to start her own biodynamic farm where she grows ingredients for The Farm Life products.

When Ashley Grosch was looking for software to help her create FDA-compliant supplement labels for The Farm Life’s line of herbal products, she turned to Genesis Supplements Formulation & Labeling software. The Farm Life was able to generate Supplement Facts labels for their final product quickly, and let Grosch prepare for a major scale-up.

Challenge: New Product Launch

In 2019, The Farm Life was on the brink of a major growth spurt, fueled by the introduction of a line of elderberry-based immune products and the building of a manufacturing facility. Grosch had to meet a two-part challenge head-on.

Ramping up production through her own manufacturing facility meant that she needed to create FDA-compliant Supplement Facts labels for her new product line, and she needed them fast.

Solution: Genesis Supplements

Grosch turned to the Internet to research a solution and found the Genesis Supplements Formulation & Labeling Software. Grosch liked what she read so she reached out to the sales department for more information. After walking through a demo of the software, it was clear that the program was just what she needed, so she licensed Genesis and started entering formula and ingredient data right away. “The timing was perfect.” In one day, Grosch was able to build FDA-compliant Supplement Facts labels for her primary product line, which included 4 formulations and about 20 ingredients. This legitimized her products, Grosch said, and “brought seriousness to us as a company.”

Result: Streamlined Launch

Two weeks after launching their new product line with the FDA-compliant Supplement Facts label generated from Genesis Supplements, The Farm Life grew tenfold.

“I needed the labels to be done right, right out of the gate,” Grosch said. Genesis Supplements did that for her, while saving her time. “I like that I can put in all the data and the program does the math for me and generates a compliant label.”

Grosch is looking forward to using Genesis Supplements as a tool to help with continued growth and compliance. “Our marketing sequence includes a plan to launch more herbal formulas,” Grosch said. “and having all of my formulations and labels stored in Genesis Supplements has given me a lot of peace of mind, knowing that if the FDA comes in for an audit, I’m prepared for it.”