Supplier Management + Traceability in a Single Software Suite: Discover FoodLogiQ

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Trustwell’s All-in-One Solution

Your organization needs better control and visibility of your food industry supply chain.

Why settle for software solutions from multiple companies when you can meet all your food safety and quality assurance goals under one roof? With Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ products, you can gain the full view of your supply chain, whether managing suppliers, tracking and tracing foods or preparing for FSMA 204. Our all-in-one suite ensures you are always ahead, prepared, compliant, and ready for anything. Use Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ software suite to address food industry supply chain management and traceability challenges without having to rely on multiple contracts.

Your Go-To Traceability and Supply Chain Management Software

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Approach your next audit worry-free. FoodLogiQ Compliance keeps your organization in line with federal and international regulations.

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Quality Management

Manage your supplement and food supply chain with high-quality data and quality assurance tools designed for the food industry.


Track your products from farm to fork — and everywhere in-between. FoodLogiQ Traceability helps you trace food and supplement events.

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Report and manage food safety incidents rapidly with FoodLogiQ Recall — which helps with messaging, tracking, and reporting.

Stay Ahead with Trustwell’s All-in-One Supply Chain Solution

You need a supply chain management software designed exclusively for the food industry.

In today’s competitive market, fragmented tools can hold you back. Trustwell’s all-in-one platform empowers you with comprehensive supplier management and traceability, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Don’t compromise on efficiency or visibility – choose Trustwell for a solution that delivers on all fronts.

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Why Settle for Two When One Will Do?

Discover the Power of One-Stop Supplier Solutions

In the fast-paced world of food supply chains, efficiency and transparency are paramount. Why juggle multiple tools when Trustwell offers a comprehensive solution? Our FoodLogiQ platform seamlessly integrates supplier management and traceability into a single, robust system. Say goodbye to fragmented workflows and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Unified Supply Chain Management

Consolidate all your supply chain data in one platform, breaking down silos and enhancing cross-departmental collaboration for seamless operations.

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Robust Supplier Coordination

Efficiently manage your suppliers, ensuring compliance, fostering strong partnerships, and optimizing procurement processes for better supply chain health

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Enhanced Traceability

Track products from farm to table, ensuring quality and safety throughout the entire supply chain process.

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Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Access advanced analytics and real-time reporting to gain critical insights into your supply chain performance and make data-driven decisions.