Trustwell Captures 200 Million Critical Tracking Events to Support Enhanced Food Traceability Programs

Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Surpasses 200 Million Critical Tracking Events, Empowering Enhanced Traceability Ahead of FSMA 204 Compliance

Salem, Ore.— May 07, 2024 — Trustwell, a leading provider of supply chain management SaaS solutions for the food industry, today announced that its FoodLogiQ software platform has surpassed 200 million critical tracking events, a significant milestone in food safety and traceability. The achievement underscores Trustwell’s commitment to empowering companies worldwide to manage risks and enhance consumer protection.

“Our platform’s ability to capture and manage such a vast amount of data exemplifies our commitment to leading the charge in food safety and traceability,” said Katy Jones, CEO of Trustwell. “FoodLogiQ not only prepares our customers for compliance with these upcoming regulations, but also enhances their ability to manage risks and protect consumers.”

Key Highlights:

  • 200 Million Critical Tracking Events: Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Traceability software has recorded over 200 million critical tracking events, demonstrating the platform’s robustness in managing large-scale traceability data.
  • Supply Chain Transparency: The platform provides full supply chain visibility, enabling customers to comply with regulations and respond rapidly to product recalls.
  • Risk Management and Consumer Trust: FoodLogiQ’s analytical capabilities empower food companies to proactively manage risks, safeguard consumer health, and maintain trust.
  • FSMA 204 Compliance: Trustwell’s technology is crucial for businesses needing to meet the stringent requirements set by FSMA Rule 204, ensuring all critical tracking points are meticulously recorded and easily accessible.

The FoodLogiQ platform, part of Trustwell’s comprehensive suite of food industry solutions, stands as a leader in preparing for FSMA 204 compliance. Its advanced features enable food companies to efficiently capture, manage, and analyze critical tracking events for high-impact traceability, ensuring supply chain transparency. Alongside the platform, Trustwell offers customized FSMA 204 consulting services, providing tailored guidance to help businesses navigate the complexities of compliance, streamline their processes, and strengthen their supply chain management strategies.

“Our platform enables food companies to efficiently capture, manage, and analyze critical tracking events, ensuring supply chain transparency and compliance with FSMA 204,” said Julie McGill, VP of Supply Chain Strategy and Insights at Trustwell. “Trustwell is more than just a software solution provider; we are a strategic partner for businesses aiming to achieve comprehensive traceability and regulatory compliance while enhancing consumer safety.”

The achievement of 200 million tracking events positions Trustwell as a frontrunner in the food safety and compliance sector. FoodLogiQ provides an essential service for producers, manufacturers, and retailers, offering visibility into all stages of the food supply chain. This capability is critical for responding to food safety incidents, efficiently managing recalls, and maintaining consumer trust.

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Trustwell is on a mission to transform the food industry. By combining FoodLogiQ’s supply chain management software with Genesis’ nutritional analysis and label development solution, the Trustwell Connect platform creates the food industry’s only full-scale solution that connects product development and regulatory-compliant labeling with supplier compliance, enhanced traceability, and automated recall management. From food and supplement manufacturers to retail grocers and restaurant chains, more than 2,500 food companies worldwide rely on Trustwell software as their trusted source for compliance and quality solutions in the food industry. For more information, visit