Trustwell’s Katy Jones Featured for GS1 RGI Executive Leadership 

Salem, Ore., September 7, 2023 – Trustwell, a pioneering food safety, supply chain management, product development, and compliant labeling company that combines the revolutionary products of Genesis and FoodLogiQ, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration between its Chief Customer Officer, Katy Jones, and GS1 U.S., a renowned standards organization, to participate in the GS1 U.S. Retail Grocery Initiative Executive Leadership Committee.

Through this partnership, GS1 has also developed a thought-leader resource tailored specifically for retail grocers, titled Executive Q&A with Katy Jones. This partnership, focused on traceability initiatives and Trustwell’s history with GS1 U.S. and other strategic partnerships, marks Trustwell’s continued commitment to enhancing efficiency and transparency in the retail grocery sector.

A screenshot of Katy's Executive Q&A with GS1.

With over two decades of experience in the food traceability sector, Trustwell’s experience and customer commitment to innovation offers a unique perspective for the Executive Leadership Committee as the sole SaaS company invited to join. Katy, through her near-decade of experience leading initiatives across Trustwell’s business operations, brings a wealth of customer knowledge and industry expertise to this collaboration.

Her passion for customer-centric solutions has made her a respected figure in the field, and her leadership at Trustwell has been instrumental in driving the company’s mission of revolutionizing the food and supplement industries through tech-enabled solutions and thought leadership.

GS1 U.S. is a global leader in the development and implementation of standards-based solutions to improve supply chain and business processes. Their dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation aligns perfectly with Trustwell’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the food industry.

Together, Katy Jones and GS1 U.S. offer guidance through the comprehensive resource designed to address the unique challenges faced by retail grocers in implementing traceability programs, best practices in the industry, and steps that companies are taking to further develop digital transformation.

Katy Jones “We are excited about this collaboration with GS1 U.S.,” said Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Trustwell. “Our aim is to provide retail grocers with practical tools and insights that will empower them to thrive in an era of major tech transformation while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. By combining our industry knowledge and GS1 U.S.’s standards expertise, we are confident that we can make a positive impact across the global food supply chain.”

The collaboration will encompass a wide range of initiatives, including the development of best practices, educational materials, and innovative technologies tailored to the specific needs of retail grocers as they adapt to increased regulations on supply chain traceability. These resources will help grocers optimize their operations, reduce costs, and deliver a more transparent shopping experience for consumers.

As Trustwell and GS1 U.S. embark on this exciting venture, the retail grocery industry can look forward to a future that is more transparent, customer-focused, and innovative.

About Trustwell:
Trustwell is on a mission to change the food industry. Combining FoodLogiQ’s supply chain management software with Genesis’ nutritional analysis and label development solution, the Trustwell Connect platform creates the food industry’s only software platform connecting product development and regulatory-compliant labeling into supplier compliance, enhanced traceability, and automated recall management. From food and supplement manufacturers to retail grocers and restaurant chains, food companies around the world use Trustwell software as their trusted source for compliance and quality solutions in the food industry. For more information, visit

About GS1 U.S.:
GS1 U.S. is a not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The organization’s mission is to drive the adoption and implementation of GS1 standards in industries including retail, healthcare, and more, to improve efficiency and visibility in supply chains and business processes.