A New Generation of Consumers: How the Food Industry is Changing with Nirdesh Dalal

Episode Summary

In this episode of Food Tech Talk, host Lydia Adams interviews Nirdesh Dalal, a senior food and beverage scientist at Lucta.

Nirdesh shares how his passion for food and the science behind it drove him down the path to his current role. He discusses the balance between creativity and quality in the food lab and how attitudes and expectations of food have developed in the younger generations. Nirdesh also talks about technology’s role in food science and shares advice for aspiring professionals. Tune in to gain valuable insights from this fascinating conversation. 

In this conversation, Nirdesh details the challenges of working for a global country that deals in many different countries and there is much thought-provoking discussion around the differing regulations in the US compared to Europe for example. Different regulations and rulings around certain ingredients have an impact on product development and formulation and Nirdesh gives us a comprehensive look into how this works.

More intriguing insights from Nirdesh included his thoughts on the importance of trying to consider and analyze products with the perspective of the end consumer, who will likely have a far less technical conception of the food than the professionals who have developed it.

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