Better Traceability for a More Sustainable Future: A Conversation with Ryan Richard of GS1 US

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Food Tech Talk podcast, host Lydia Adams interviews Ryan Richard, the Vice President of Community Engagement at GS1 US. During their discussion they touch upon the difficulties inherent in the tracking process and why it is so important that food can be accounted for throughout the entire supply chain. Ryan shares his thoughts on why effective tracking can be a great tool in the mission to curb food waste. They also discuss how GS1 standards are being leveraged to address some of these pressing issues.

Ryan provides us with some insights into FSMA Rule 204, which aims to track high-risk foods and improve record-keeping in the supply chain. He also emphasizes the importance of companies understanding the rule and working with their trading partners to ensure U.S. FDA compliance. The conversation then shifts to the Food Date Labelling Act and the challenges and misunderstandings surrounding food date labels. Who really knows what all those different labels really mean anyway, and are they really fit for purpose? Ryan thinks that standardized date labeling could be the way to enhance consumer understanding of food freshness and safety.

He goes on to suggest that grocery and food service companies should focus on inventory management, adapt to hybrid consumer behaviors (online ordering, in-store shopping, etc.), and consider advancements in supply chain technology such as 2D barcodes and RFID.

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