Building a Safer Future for Food: A Discussion with Foodborne Illness Lawyer Bill Marler 

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 10 | September 12, 2023

Join Transparency Talk host, Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Trustwell, in an interview with Bill Marler, renowned foodborne illness lawyer with The Food Safety Law Firm.

Continuing the discussion around food safety and the recent Netflix expose documentary Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food, our hosts discuss Bill Marler’s advocacy for a safer food supply, as well as his path to creating the Food Safety Law Firm. Marler’s nonprofit work with victims of foodborne illness has provided him with a unique perspective on how the federal government can shape future food safety policy and ease the burden of foodborne illness outbreaks.

Join our hosts for a riveting and heartfelt discussion with valuable insights on improving food safety efforts, as Katy and Bill Marler address these critical issues facing the food industry.

About Bill Marler: 

Bill Marler is a food poisoning attorney who champions the cause of children and other people sickened by E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other foodborne illnesses across the US. You can learn more about Bill Marler’s work and his law firm at