Cultivating Sustainability: The Rise of Indoor Farming

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 11 | September 26, 2023

Join Transparency Talk host, Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Trustwell, in an interview with the Managing Director of Chalsys Impact, LLC, Sonia Lo, in a discussion on indoor, sustainable farming and food tech that bridges the gap between consumers’ desire for sustainability and what the food system currently provides.

As an angel investor and former CEO of a number of food technology companies, Sonia Lo provides a unique perspective on how the food industry can transform our foodways with the use of controlled, indoor spaces, minimizing water consumption, reducing the need for pesticides, and improving year-round crop cultivation in inhospitable climates. This transformative approach holds the potential to improve our food systems’ sustainability while addressing the challenges of a growing global population.

Join our hosts in this riveting discussion looking at the future of farming and agriculture.

About Sonia Lo:  

Sonia Lo is the Managing Director of Chalsys Impact, LLC, an impact investment and advisory firm specializing in sustainable Food and Ag. She was previously the CEO of Unfold Bio, Inc., a joint venture between Bayer and Temasek, which developed next-gen seeds for indoor farms and was later acquired by Seminis Vegetable Seeds. Sonia has also served as CEO of Sensei Ag and Crop One Holdings. She’s been an angel investor in 16 startups with 5 successful exits and served on numerous company boards, including Griffith Foods International, Urban-Gro, and Hart Dairy. Sonia is a former Global Technology Pioneer recognized by the World Economic Forum and has diverse experience, including roles at Google and in the culinary world.