Debunking Cybersecurity Myths and the Importance of IT Collaboration in Food Safety

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 14 | November 14, 2023

Join Transparency Talk host, Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Trustwell, in an interview with Kristin Demoranville, founder and CEO of AnzenSage, a food industry cybersecurity consulting firm. As the food industry becomes more automated and interconnected, food companies need to consider how they can incorporate security measures into the technology that is helping them streamline operations and connect the global food supply chain. In the episode, Kristin will share her perspective from the frontlines of cybersecurity and share how companies should dismantle common myths around cyber threats so they can build resilient food defense programs that consider the importance of a strong information security culture. Don’t miss this essential discussion on the future of food safety and the interconnectedness of cybersecurity best practices.

About Kristin Demoranville:

Kristin Demoranville, the visionary Founder and CEO of AnzenSage, a cybersecurity firm focused on the food industry. With a quarter-century in the tech sector, Kristin is pioneering a transformative approach by intertwining cybersecurity and food protection culture. She challenges conventional tech boundaries by centering her philosophy on the pivotal role of people and processes. Her collaborations with Fortune 500 powerhouses and an academic background in Environmental Management equip her with a holistic perspective that allows her to make unique connections between people, processes, and technology. A recognized figure in leading publications and a coveted speaker at various events, Kristin stands as a bridge between food protection and cybersecurity. Beyond her corporate feats, she’s the charismatic host of the “Bites & Bytes Podcast,” fostering enlightening dialogues between food and cybersecurity professionals.