Declaring Dietary Fiber on Your Nutrition Facts Label with Genesis R&D Foods

There is still confusion among many food manufacturers as to what is required in order to accurately label dietary fiber on a product. According to the FDA, “dietary fiber that can be declared on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels includes certain naturally occurring fibers that are ‘intrinsic and intact’ in plants and added isolated or synthetic non-digestible soluble and insoluble carbohydrates that the FDA has determined have beneficial physiological effects to human health.”

Because analytical methods alone cannot distinguish between non-digestible carbohydrates that do and do not meet the dietary fiber definition, manufacturers are required to maintain records to substantiate their analysis.

During this webinar, we discuss the FDA regulations for dietary fiber labeling, review the FDA’s current list of approved dietary fibers, and cover the essential documentation needed. In addition, we will also review how to use Genesis R&D Foods to accurately track and report dietary fiber.

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