Empowering Women in Food Safety: Navigating Challenges & Paving the Way for Growth

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 7 | July 26, 2023

Join host Katy Jones, Trustwell’s Chief Customer Officer, in a conversation with Melody Ge, Food Safety & Quality Assurance Director at StarKist Co and Founder of Women in Food Safety. In this thought-provoking podcast episode, our hosts explore the advancement and support of women in the workplace, specifically within the critical realm of food safety. Discover the motivations behind the Women in Food Safety initiative and the positive impact it has had on empowering women in the industry. Gain insights into finding good mentors, the unique qualifications women bring to food safety leadership, and the future opportunities for growth and development. Tune in to be inspired and support the ongoing empowerment of women in the food safety field.

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