5 Ways to Optimize Food Manufacturing Product Removals

About the Webinar

Product removals, withdrawals and recalls continue to rise in number across the industry. And with them, so are technology-driven preventive methods, preparatory measures and risk mitigation strategies. As a food manufacturer or distributor, it’s crucial to develop strategies that enable you to respond to product removal events with immediacy, cost-effectiveness, and ease.

In this webinar, our team will dive into five key strategies for successfully executing product removals in minimal time and maximized savings, and:

  • Strategies for executing product removals in minimal time
  • How to automate internal and external communication around product removal events
  • Preparatory methods that mitigate risk and reduce cost
  • How to utilize data to drive collaboration and gain visibility
  • Ways to leverage FoodLogiQ Recall functionality to effectively and efficiently remove product across your supply chain
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