FSMA 204 Compliance: Debunking the Top Three Myths

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 2 | April 25, 2023

In Episode Two, Katy Jones, CMO of Trustwell, and Julie McGill, VP of Supply Chain Strategy at Trustwell continue their discussion on FSMA 204 compliance. They delve into some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the regulation, such as the belief that only large companies need to comply, that companies can rely on external partners for traceability data, and that every element can be tracked in digital spreadsheets. With 2026 being the deadline for compliance, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest information and insights to ensure that your business remains compliant with FSMA 204. Don’t miss this essential discussion! Tune in now to learn more.

Referenced in this podcast, our 2023 State of Traceability Report. Click here to download.