Increase Labeling Accuracy and Mitigate Risk with Genesis Foods 


This webinar is focused on understanding the FDA Nutrition Facts Labels and how Genesis Foods can simplify the label creation process for you. This webinar provides valuable insights for those involved in food labeling, nutrition analysis, or product development, aiming to ensure compliance with FDA regulations.

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Nutrition Facts Labeling Compliance Review, FDA Food Labeling Regulations Audit


Alicia Triplett
Nutrition Team Lead

Savannah Light
Product Manager

Webinar Overview

  • Comprehensive Overview: Understand the ins and outs of the different FDA Nutrition Facts Label formats including Standard, Tabular, Linear, Dual Column, and Aggregate. Discover when and how to use each format to best suit your product’s needs. 
  • Mandatory vs Voluntary Nutrients: Gain clarity on which nutrients must be included on your labels and which are optional, ensuring your labels are informative and compliant.
  • Streamlined Solutions with Genesis Foods: Discover how Genesis Foods assists food businesses in creating accurate, compliant labels effortlessly, enhancing your product’s market readiness and consumer trust.
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