Regulatory Roundup: Menu Labeling Returns, Added Sugar Labeling, and CA Banned Additives 

Transparency Talk with Trustwell

Episode 12 | October 17, 2023

Join Katy Jones, Chief Customer Officer, and Megan Murphy, Labeling and Regulatory Consulting Specialist at Trustwell, as they dive into the major regulations impacting the industry in the fall of 2023. In November, the FDA is returning to full regulatory enforcement of restaurant menu labeling, and Megan offers tips on compliance, as well as how to navigate reformulation when ingredients change due to supply chain disruptions. Additionally, our hosts dive into the latest updates on added sugar labeling regulations in a time of increased sugar scrutiny, and how manufacturers can balance reformulation, maintain compliance, and reduce sugar content to match consumer preferences. Lastly, our hosts dive into the California Food Safety Act and what food manufacturers need to know before the 2027 compliance date.

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