Regulatory Seminar: Claims Compliance in Food Labeling


Trust Through Transparency: Claims Compliance in Food Labeling

Duration: 2 hours

Seminar Overview:
As consumer demands evolve and the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex, mastering the art of food labeling claims is crucial. This seminar will equip food industry professionals with a deep understanding of labeling claims, bridging regulatory compliance with consumer trust.  

This session covers the essentials of navigating labeling claims—from nutrient content claims and health claims to marketing and packaging claims and beyond. This seminar will focus on regulatory insights and the strategic application of claims to bolster product credibility and market appeal.

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Get a comprehensive overview of the types of food labeling claims and a look at the regulatory agencies that regulate them.

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Explore the various types of claims found on food packaging – including their definitions, associated requirements and regulations.

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Understand the definition, certification process, and labeling requirements of leveraging certified, organic and non-GMO claims to enhance consumer trust in product quality.

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Learn to effectively use nutrient content and health claims to showcase product benefits.

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Understanding the impact of ethical sourcing, sustainability claims, and marketing terms on consumer perception and brand value.

Navigating Food Labeling Claims

This seminar is an invaluable tool for food industry professionals looking to navigate the complexities of food labeling and position their products as leaders in the competitive food industry. 

Attendees will leave with the knowledge to navigate the regulatory requirements for the various claims, ensuring their products stand out for the right reasons. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use food labeling strategically to comply with regulations, meet consumer expectations, and enhance brand trust.