The Roadmap to FSMA 204 Compliance: Getting Started

Today, it’s not just possible for food safety leaders to track every step a food item has taken along the supply chain—it’s a critical business imperative. At Trustwell, we partner with leading brands like Whole Foods Market to enable traceability throughout their supply chain.

To provide guidance on the upcoming compliance requirements, our traceability experts have broken down how you can get started on your journey toward FSMA 204 compliance.

Download the infographic to view:

  • Five steps your company can take today
  • What it will take to have a successful journey to FSMA 204 compliance
  • How you can use tech-enabled traceability like Trustwell’s FoodLogiQ Traceability solution to collect, store, monitor, and share FSMA-compliant Critical Tracking Event data

Download the Infographic