The Role of Leadership in Food Safety with Jill Stuber and Tia Glave of Catalyst

Episode Summary

Join Lydia Adams as she hosts the Food Tech Talk podcast, featuring Jill Stuber and Tia Glave, the co-founders of Catalyst LLC. In this episode, they discuss the crucial role of leadership and culture in the food safety and quality industry. Discover the moments that led Jill and Tia to recognize a leadership skill gap, and how Catalyst LLC empowers food industry professionals through leadership development and consulting services. 

The working relationship between Tia and Jill is a self-supportive one as they each wound up in a coaching and leadership space having come from different backgrounds. And whether it was borne out of not liking what they saw from people management in the industry, or simply realizing that leadership and coaching nous was something they had a natural abundance of, they started up and continue to run Catalyst LLC as a truly people-first company.

They discuss how both women started off totally with an interest and education in the technical aspects of food safety, leaning heavily into data and science and have gradually come to be experts in the more holistic aspects of creating change.

Gain valuable insights on the human growth needed to evolve companies from reactive to proactive approaches. The pair discuss how they build relationships with organizations, and go on to explain how they are challenging traditional KPIs with their own measures of success that are based on individual and organizational goals. 

Explore emerging trends in FSQ leadership, the importance of whole-being leadership, and creating supportive systems, in which self-growth and self-knowledge are just as important for your relationships as focusing on other people is. Don’t miss this informative and engaging podcast on the evolving nature of leadership in the food industry!

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