The State of Traceability + The Role of Technology with CEO, Katy Jones

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Episode Summary

Join Lydia Adams as she hosts a special episode of the Food Tech Talk podcast, with Trustwell CEO, Katy Jones. This ‘state-of-the-industry’ check-in gives Katy and Lydia a chance to reflect on where we are with food transparency and traceability and why it’s so important we keep making big steps forward in this space. 

Katy shares some of Trustwell’s vision for that future, as well as some recent accomplishments, including their role in capturing over 200 million critical tracking events. 

The pair discuss the current regulatory environment and discuss the potential increase in labeling regulations, including front-of-pack labeling and two-dimensional barcodes. Katy also touches upon the role of artificial intelligence in analyzing data and identifying risks more quickly. 

Be sure to tune in and hear the thoughts of our esteemed CEO and enjoy this fascinating episode of the Food Tech Talk podcast.