Understanding the ‘Nutrition’ Behind the Nutrition Facts


Understanding the ‘Nutrition’ Behind the Nutrition Facts

Seminar Overview: This seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of nutrition labels on Consumer Packaged Goods. Our regulatory experts guide attendees through the regulations governing nutrition facts panels, shedding light on the research that influenced these regulations and the reasons behind them.

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Explore the regulations shaping nutrition facts panels, and the research influencing them.

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Gain insights into Mandatory Nutrients, % Daily Values (%DV), Voluntary Nutrients, and Nutrient Content Claims.

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Learn how the elements of a Nutrition Facts Label contribute to the health and well-being of consumers.

Learn how Nutrition Regulations Shape the Food Industry

For food labelers, Research and Development (R&D) professionals, and CPG experts seeking to expand their knowledge in the field of nutrition – don’t miss this chance to gain profound insights into the world of nutrition regulations and their role in shaping the food industry.

Attendees will gain insights into mandatory nutrients, % Daily Values (%DVs), voluntary nutrients, and nutrient content claims, and discover why these elements are pivotal for the health and well-being of consumers.