Regulatory Seminar: Navigating the Allergen Labeling Maze

In the U.S., undeclared food allergens are the number one leading cause of Class I food recalls. As food safety and consumer health take center stage, understanding and complying with the latest regulations for allergen labeling has become crucial for the food industry.

In this seminar, Trustwell’s regulatory compliance specialists shed light on the intricate web of allergen labeling requirements. Whether you are a food manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or foodservice professional, this seminar will provide you with the knowledge and tools to ensure compliance and safeguard your consumers’ health.

Key Topics to Be Covered:

  • Current allergen labeling requirements and updates for the U.S.
  • Overview of allergen labeling requirements for Canada, Mexico, and the European Union
  • Identifying major food allergens and their prevalence
  • Understanding exemptions and limitations for certain products
  • Handling cross-contamination issues in manufacturing facilities
  • Implementing effective allergen control measures in your operations
  • Best practices for accurate allergen statement placement and formatting
  • Labeling implications for retail and foodservice establishments
  • Navigating potential legal and financial consequences of non-compliance