Courtney Cucchiara

Director of Account Management

Courtney Cucchiara

Courtney Cucchiara, Director of Account Management at Trustwell, is a highly experienced professional with a successful track record in client-facing roles spanning over a decade. Specializing in implementation and customer success for large Enterprise clients, Courtney excels at delivering exceptional results and outstanding client experiences.

Courtney’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Elmira College and a master’s degree in consumer behavior from Purdue University. Her diverse academic foundation, coupled with her PMP-certification, equips her with a deep understanding of human behavior and project management principles, allowing her to approach every project with a strategic and analytical mindset.

Passionate about continuous learning, Courtney stays up to date with industry trends and best practices. Her problem-solving skills and proactive approach ensure that customer needs are met and exceeded. She is adept at identifying potential issues and taking proactive measures to mitigate them, ensuring a smooth implementation process and long-term success for clients.

As a leader, Courtney adopts a collaborative style that emphasizes the unique strengths and talents of each team member. By harnessing these strengths, she creates a high-performing environment where individuals can thrive and do their best to achieve collective goals.

With her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Courtney plays a pivotal role in driving customer success at Trustwell. Her commitment to continuous improvement and her ability to build strong relationships with clients make her an invaluable asset to the organization.