Doug Bell

Chief Technology Officer

Doug Bell

Doug Bell, the Chief Technology Officer at Trustwell, is an innovative senior-level executive and accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in software product development and IT. He has served as a key partner to executive leadership in fast-paced, deadline-driven Fortune 100 companies, .com enterprises, and start-ups.

Recognized for his resourcefulness and creative approach, Doug excels as a “big picture” player, applying best practices to deliver competitive technology solutions. He ensures continuous improvement of product performance, reliability, and functionality through effective recruitment, training, retention, management, and mentoring of top talent. With senior executive level experience in managing IT teams and infrastructures on a global scale, Doug brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Doug possesses in-depth experience with big data, SaaS, PaaS, and analytics, and has a broad understanding of all phases of the software development life cycle. From software development and quality assurance to product planning, project management, configuration management, and IT operations, he has a comprehensive skill set.

Known for his strong communication, support, and training skills, Doug enjoys collaborating with business managers to resolve discrepancies and identify opportunities for service improvement, benefiting both clients and organizational success.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Trustwell, Doug oversees the software engineering team, playing a crucial role in shaping the development of Trustwell’s product lines for excellence. With his expertise and guidance, Trustwell is well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions to its customers.