Maria Burch

Chief Customer Officer

Maria Burch

Maria Burch, Chief Customer Officer at Trustwell, embodies exceptional leadership with a rich background in customer-centric roles within SaaS technology. Employing a systematic approach, Maria ensures that the customer voice permeates throughout the organization, driving improvements in product adoption, customer satisfaction, retention, and business expansion, all while prioritizing sustainable growth.

Graduating with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, complemented by a minor in Political Studies from Canisius University in 2003, Maria has honed a profound understanding of customer engagement and relationship management, enabling her to navigate complex customer landscapes with finesse.

Maria’s decade-long career in customer-focused positions, showcases a progressive journey from individual contributor to Manager of Customer Success, to her first role as Vice President of Customer Success at Teamworks in 2017. Noteably, her previous tenure at FoodLogiQ, as VP of Customer Success from May 2019 to December 2020, was marked by significant achievements. Her leadership was pivotal in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, as attested by colleagues who described her as an exceptional teacher and leader, emphasizing the importance of being a champion for customers.

Transitioning to the global stage as the Global Head of Client Services at Martech Group, a division of Ziff Davis, Maria further solidified her expertise in managing and elevating customer service standards on an international scale. In January 2022, Maria embraced the role of Senior Director of Operations at iContact, another prestigious Ziff Davis company, where she served until March 2024. Her tenure in this position was transformative, contributing significantly to the company’s overall success and reputation for excellence in customer satisfaction.

Maria’s journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of customer-centricity, making her a driving force in Trustwell’s mission to deliver unparalleled value and satisfaction to its clientele. Her philosophy, centered on the significance of relationships and the imperative to act as a champion for customers, has been a driving force in her career. This approach not only fosters strong customer relationships but also encourages teams to leave a lasting imprint in every customer interaction.

Her strategic vision, coupled with a hands-on approach to leadership, has made Maria Burch a respected figure in the field of customer success. At Trustwell, she continues to leverage her extensive experience and insights to drive customer-centric strategies, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the company’s operations and ethos.