Todd Dolinsky

Chief Product Officer

Todd Dolinsky, Trustwell Employee

Todd Dolinsky

Todd Dolinsky, the Chief Product Officer at Trustwell, is a skilled and innovative leader responsible for overseeing the entire product lifecycle. With a strong background in programming and problem-solving, Todd is dedicated to finding solutions and taking on new challenges.

Todd joined Trustwell in 2016 when it was known as FoodLogiQ. After the merger with ESHA Research, he continued in his role as Chief Product Officer, driving product innovation and success within the company.

Throughout his tenure, Todd has demonstrated his expertise in product management and played a key role in the growth and success of FoodLogiQ’s cloud-based supplier transparency and traceability solution. Under his leadership, the product achieved impressive double-digit annual recurring revenue growth, net revenue retention rates exceeding 100%, and other target key performance indicators.

As a thought leader in the food traceability domain, Todd has actively collaborated with supply chain customers and partners, fostering cross-industry initiatives. He led FoodLogiQ’s participation in the GS1 US Food Traceability Proof-of-Concept, further establishing his influence and expertise in the field.

In his managerial capacity, Todd has effectively led a team of product managers, agile product owners, and product designers, providing support, setting goals, and offering career mentorship. His ability to foster a collaborative and empowering environment has contributed to the success of his team and the overall product strategy.

Todd’s extensive experience also includes leadership positions in product and software engineering management at VCE, where he collaborated closely with software development teams. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Customer Science, which he earned in 2002, and later pursued a Master’s degree in International Affairs, completing it in 2005.

As the Chief Product Officer at Trustwell, Todd continues to leverage his technical acumen, strategic thinking, and passion for innovation to drive the development and delivery of exceptional products. His commitment to excellence and ability to navigate complex challenges make him a valuable asset to the company.