Caitlin Bond

Chief Financial Officer

Caitlin Bond, CFO, Trustwell

Caitlin Bond

Caitlin Bond is the Chief Financial Officer at Trustwell, where her extensive expertise in finance, ranging over 15 years, significantly contributes to the company’s strategic financial planning and operations. Caitlin’s educational foundation was laid at the University of Arkansas, where she graduated with a BSBA in Accounting. Her academic achievements set the stage for a career marked by high performance and strategic leadership in various high-stakes financial roles.

Caitlin’s professional journey is distinguished by her diverse experiences, including KPMG, a Big 4 Accounting firm, start-up finance leadership, and private equity-owned multinationals. Her adeptness with several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Intacct, underscores her technical proficiency and versatility in handling complex financial systems. Caitlin’s leadership has been instrumental in spearheading process improvements, standardizing internal controls, enhancing forecasting methodologies, and effectively managing both remote and international teams.

Before joining Trustwell, Caitlin served as CFO in Residence at The Riverside Company. This role allowed her to gain invaluable insights and experience, directly contributing to her readiness and strategic alignment with Trustwell’s financial goals and objectives.

At Trustwell, Caitlin Bond leverages her robust background in finance to ensure the company not only meets its financial objectives but also sustains its growth trajectory. Her strategic foresight, combined with a hands-on approach to financial management, makes her a key asset to the executive team. Caitlin’s leadership in finance is integral to Trustwell’s success, as she continues to drive the company forward through her dedication to financial excellence and innovation.