Malcolm Tinkler

Managing Director, International

Malcolm Tinkler

Malcolm Tinkler is a skilled Enterprise Sales Executive at Trustwell, specializing in leading, building, and accelerating growth in SaaS and software businesses. With a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences, Malcolm excels in delivering effective and predictable solutions that drive customer success.

Drawing on his expertise in supporting complex Cloud and SaaS propositions, Malcolm works closely with clients to ensure their specific requirements are met. His ability to understand the psychology of customers enables him to establish sustainable growth while creating highly profitable sales organizations that prioritize customer satisfaction.

As a go-to-market specialist, Malcolm collaborates closely with SaaS, software, and private equity organizations to provide tailored solutions on both local and global scales. By focusing on the profitability, growth, and stability of customers, Malcolm cultivates long-term partnerships that drive mutual success.

Malcolm’s disciplined approach to people growth and sales enablement ensures that Trustwell’s teams mature quickly and deliver results within rapid timescales. By understanding the unique challenges and goals of each customer, he optimizes revenue generation while maintaining a customer-centric focus.

Malcolm holds an engineering degree in plant engineering and design from Staffordshire University, providing him with a strong technical background. Furthermore, his Master’s in Business Strategy from the Alliance Manchester Business School enhances his ability to align business objectives with customer needs.

With his customer-focused approach, strong leadership skills, and commitment to driving results, Malcolm plays a pivotal role in Trustwell’s enterprise sales efforts. His ability to understand and meet customer expectations positions him as a trusted advisor and partner, ensuring the success of Trustwell’s clients in the ever-evolving SaaS and software landscape.